First Aid on the Bleeding
Edge of Technology!

How did the Centre of the Universe come about?

Whilst studying at university Walter had a ball. He lived in a group house with mate Chris and that house was dubbed the Centre of the Universe.

When studying was complete Walter hit the work force. Always the one to fix computers and printers he eventually found employment in the industry. So much for studying Philosophy and Mathematics!

The IT jobs eventually made Walter go independant and start contracting out. This was perhaps mostly due to his health. With a genetic disorder that affects his digestion and lungs he was much better suited to self-employment which allows him to exercise lots and stay fit and healthy.

Most of Walter's work has been done at no charge for the community, but it is time he earned a living! Rest assured that all funds raised by Centre of the Universe will be ethically spent! Further more 10% of all profits will be donated to Cystic Fibrosis Associations.

Overseas Experience

Walter was born in Holland in 1965 and moved to Australia in 1978. He was educated in Canberra at the Australian National University there and left to live in Hong Kong for one year, three years in Papua New Guinea and three years in the USA. They unanimously realised that Tasmania was probably the best place to live, so this is where Katherine and Walter ended up living.


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First Aid on the Bleeding Edge of Technology!

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