First Aid on the Bleeding
Edge of Technology!

How can the Centre of the Universe Help You?

The first step is to email us and get in touch. If we need to give you remote support we arrange a time that we can both be on line and we start using Windows Messenger. From there on we can take control of your computer and do what needs to be done.

If you are after a spam solution, a website or a domain name you just email us the information your require and we can do it all from Tasmania. If you need content added to your website we can do that for you if you email us the texts and pictures.

Invoices are emailed to you and are payable within 14 days. Payments can be made through direct bank deposit or PayPal using your credit card.

All pricing is modest and reasonable by international standards!


First Aid on the Bleeding Edge of Technology!

2 Rose Court Devonport
Tasmania 7310 AUSTRALIA

Mob: 0417 - 067460