First Aid on the Bleeding
Edge of Technology!

Welcome to the Centre of the Universe

The Centre of the Universe is named so because we work through the Internet. No matter where you are we are here for you. It doesnt matter where you are, we can help! Whether you want plain english free advice or whether you want a problem solved or a basic web pressence made; contact

The Centre of the Universe is able to get you on the Internet with a web pressence from as little as $50 per year. Imagine having your own email address, never having to tell people you changed email again! Why not let us set up a photo album online for your family photos? All within reach for the average family without gurus in the family!

Publishing and Documentary Productions

Centre of the Universe is now registered as a publishing house, and our books are now sold world wide. We completed our first documentary, Coughing the Distance; Cycling from Paris to Istanbul with Cystic Fibrosis. This documentary was endorsed by Documentary Australia.



Control Spam and make up your own emails!

Did you know that for under $50 per year you can have your own domain name? That means that if you get '' that also means you own ALL the emails on '' . You can have them all go to your regular inbox if you like, which means you don't need to set up anything on your computer to receive the emails, they are automatically routed to your regular inbox!

Now you can have
'' go to your son's hotmail address.
'' go to your brother's regular work email.
'' go to her university's regular email address.

And if you need to give out an email to register for a product or service you can use any random email on your domain you like: '' and it will still come to your inbox!

Let's say that you notice you get a lot of spam to one of the email addresses you made up. No problem, that email can be set to bounce!

Centre of the Universe often use Siteground for web sites, nothing stops you from doing this yourself! Just click on the below link and find out how:

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First Aid on the Bleeding Edge of Technology!

Computer HELP for everyone.

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