First Aid on the Bleeding
Edge of Technology!

Digital Photography

Photo Enhancement and Repair, digital printing and hardware advice. Just email us your photo for restoration, cloning or improvement. Wanting to buy equipment why not ask us where, how and what! Completely obligation and unbiased free advice. Donations always welcome, and remember that 15% of all donations are donated to a Cystic Fibrosis Association!

Going Wireless or Broadband?

Still using dialup internet? Email us and get advice on your needs and requirements. Baffled by the technology? Need to know what it all means to you and what the hidden costs are? Let us explain it to you in plain english how you can enjoy fast interent and share your internet connection through the house at remarkably low cost!


Have you had it with spam? Learn how to re-route your email through G-Mail and not only effectively reduce your spam significantly, but also have internet access to all your email from anywhere!

VoIP Telephone?

Have you thought about it? Email us for the low down. Tell us your gripes about your Telco and we can advice on what to do about it, and explain the pros and cons. It will save you $$$! If you have bvroadband and a microphone and speakers you dont even have to invest any money!


There is always more on the forefront of technology! Let Centre of the Universe be your first aid on the Bleeding Edge of Technolgy!

First Aid on the Bleeding Edge of Technology!

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