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Same Email Always!

Don't you hate it when people change emails like their underwear? People just do not understand! I have offered to set up domain names for families and business and offered to setup email aliasses for people, and have even done so for free on several occasions! People could not see the advantage and could not understand the concept of an email alias. Well, I have an email alias: Brother Frank registered the domain name a long time ago and set them all up for many of us in the family. It still is not appreciated for what it is, and no-one offers to pay for his cost or effort. But dozens in our family have our own email address that forwards directly to wherever we like! Miy email goes to my account, my current internet provider. When I change ISP or want it to go elsewhere, like to my Gmail Account I only need to email Frank and he fixes it up for me! In fact it is all set up a little deeper, I have him redirect my emailpermanently to another email alias, and I control its final destination myself... but anyway, you get the point.

Most of my friends have an email address at mylousyjob. If you need to email Katherine, she can be found at and it goes to her preferred email address where she collects it. Mate Martin gets his at his work email...

So anyway, our contact details:

Walter van Praag
2 Rose Court
Devonport, TAS 7310
mob: 0417 067 460


If you are in the USA you can leave a message or fax me on this
phone/fax number: 1-309-2761105

And if you want your own email just let me know!

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