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Dancing in the Graveyard

Katherine's colleague Annie has a daughter Georgie (pictured above). Georgie had a friend visiting from down South, and Katherine and I were going to entertain them for a day. We first took them to the Australian Axeman's Hall of Fame where we admired all the ribbons and accolades that Mr. Foster and his family earned chopping wood. This was pretty tame for all of us, and we decided to hit the go-karts. Now we're talking!

Girls were in top gear! Raced around the circuit many a times, running into walls, over taking, and getting shot at by my camera...

It was followed by a trip to the local chocolate factory of Anvers. We were stuffed after the tasters and the lunch there...

More photos in the photo album, go into USER GALERIES, find WALTER and look for SEPTEMBER 2005:  Photos (I will get better links one day!)

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Did you dance in a graveyard?

Now you really just wanted to know about the graveyard didn't you?

Well, after lunch at Anvers we decided to look for a Geocache hidden at a graveyard. Katherine and I had been there recently and not found the 'cache', but did find the wooden plaque it mentioned.

George Bowles died at age 24 - in 1872.

We were told it was hidden in the bushes here somewhere. We looked high and low, but could not find the cache. When Georgie and Maegan got tired of looking they started dancing around the graveyard... Anyway, we went and looked for another geocache in a nearby park and found a cache of fluffy plushy toys just on dusk.

A quick visit to Linda and Rodney who lived nearby to show the rats, and it was off home.

Georgie is pretty keen on geocaching now! The next day I had to take the girls on a few more hunts, and we found one in a playground, one at a memorial both in her town and one on top of a hill. Hooked on geocaching. I dont think the Platypus Experience or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie we saw that day made as much of an impact on them!