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Living with a Ghost

Living with a Ghost

One time in my life I lived with a 'ghost'. My girlfriend at the time and myself did not drink, smoke or take any sort of social/anti-social drugs!

It all started when we moved into the house which was located on the edge of an aboriginal spiritually significant mountain - Mount Ainslie in Canberra. It was a birthing territory and was apparently for women only.

Most of the ghost activity points towards a person's doing, but it had us very freaked! Towards the end the dog was talking to my partner, not to me. Suka, the dog, appeared to always be pro me, and against my partner. The ghost called itself CG, as it paged me on my pager ('Call CG tonight'), and would leave phone messages with my partner. He had an 'educated' almost brittish accent and pretended to be an old friend of mine.

The oddest was that it all started as soon as we moved into the house before e had told people where we were. The one seriously suspected person we knew was dismissed as the offender as we had evidence that it not only started before he knew where we lived, things happened while he was definitely out of town - with another friend 500+ kms away.

Most of my friends believe it was my partner doing this to me, but I have trouble believing that, and had eliminated her pretty soon after events started happening... I never heard our dog Suka talk myself, but who would admit to hearing a dog talk unless they were convinced, or perhaps crazy? My partner was not crazy, not before and not after.

When other people were in the house nothing happened much, and when we had someone look after the house when we travelled to Malaysia we did not prepare them for a ghost!

In Malaysia we consulted a magic man to see if he could cure me from Cystic Fibrosis and my partner asked him if we should 'move house'. We never told him I had CF, nor that we had a ghost problem... it was tough enough communicating! The man did not cure me, but did remove a 'curse' from me using many eggs, and told me not to smoke too much, stay away from mango and tea, and drink lots of coffee... As for the moving house question he advised us there was nothing wrong with the house, just something wrong with the land. He gave us some blessed incense sticks to burn in the house to solve it, and said we did not need to move urgently, but moving would probably be advisable.

On return we burned the incense in the house, hung a chinese ghost buster on the front door, and had no more troubles. Within a few more months we moved house.

But before the trip to Malaysia my partner got totally freaked out and started doubting her sanity - with a talking dog you would too! Think of it what you will, but here is the log of events, followed by an interesting note :


Shoes displaced from inside my cupboard to outside the cupboard in neat row. I was in Papua New Guinea for some work at the time. Rachel called up to say she was scared someone had entered the house! Having just moved into the house that week none of our friends knew where we lived at this time.

Two visitors were invited to stay with us for about 6 weeks. May not have noticed incidents.

15 -23 June - 11am
My wallet was found in dishwasher, next to my coffee mug (initially I was blamed!)

23 - 30 June - 6pm
Chinese crackers were put in glass jar. Neither I nor partner admitted to doing this.

23 - 30 June - 10pm
Rice Crackers selectively eaten and remainders left next to bed. Day or two later.

1-7 July - 10pm
Face on bed made out of mandarin (eyes) and bunch of 3 bananas for mouth.

15 July - 5pm
Array of HHH arrows on driveway, pointing out. Made with stamper nearby.

23-30 June
Dozen or so Swiss chocolates disappearing.
Contents of Biscuit jar disappeared. Is a human being just coming in to help himself without being noticed?

1-7 July 11 am
(Rachel came back from gym)
Bowl of cereal with 2 spoons and milk on table. Strangely we had no open milk in house!

1-7 July?
Pancrease tablets (my medication) disappearing (+/- 100?).

14 July - 5pm Wednesday
Recently unused pair of boots found on pillow on our bed.

18 July - 4pm Sunday
(on return from overnight trip)
Two Mandarins found in bath and two in sink. The latter believed to have appeared in between filling bath and using bath.

1-7 July
Tin with almond spread believed moved from one cupboard to another.

18 July - 6pm Sunday
Rachel cooking, guest in bathroom, Walter cleaning bikes outside.
Potato piece went missing out of oven, found a day later in Suka's bowl outside, oven cooked, and cut up in little pieces!

19 July - 10am Monday
Pair of Rubber gloves blown up in vase, tied with rubber band!

18 July - 10pm Sunday
At this point I put sticky tape on top of all the house doors so that if a door had opened the sticky tape would be loose. Came home in 'sticky-taped' house, still taped, and found 4 fruits on the edge of the sink, and my boots in the bathroom sink. House had been unattended between noon and 1030pm

20 July - 11am Monday
Suka woke up on partner's bed, followed something in room with her eyes, howled for 30 seconds, went mad, ran growling through the house, went outside, ran around growling, returned satisfied.

21 July - 1am Tuesday
After dog left the bedroom my partner woke up from two mandarins falling on our bed between our heads! No barking, no doors opening.

21 July - 1130am
A frypan with lunch, left by Walter at 9am, was eaten!
Human coughing in house. Dog growling. My partner thought I had returned home. May have been neighbours couging?

One or two Ventolin sprays disappearing.

22 July -Thursday
Roughly carved wood on mirror tied to scarf holding up mirror.

23 July - Friday 0600hrs.
A painting fell off the chimney wall, breaking glass (from frame), two candle sticks and a drinking glass which were underneath the painting were still standing! Painting was hung up on a big hook, imposible to be dislodged, was not broken, did not fall straight down, but away from wall! 23 July - Friday 1600hrs.
Partner came home to find her lingerie (black dress) draped over bed, grapefruits in the breasts, and my old army boots with mandarins in it underneath on the floor.

23 July - Friday 1700hrs.
Partner and I put large table in back of Jackeroo. The screw in leg extension had to be fully screwed in to fit. We drove for 30 minutes to pick up a trailer, and when we decided to put the table on the trailer too, found the screw had turned back up (about 30 turns!). We had to screw it in fully again to get the table out.

In the car my partner asked me where my yellow silk shirt was that she had recently bought me - she'd been looking for it today. On return found the shirt hanging on the outside of my warderobe, almost saying 'Sorry about that, here it is'.

When I went to the toilet shortly afterwards found a toothpaste winking face painted on the toilet seat cover, and two grapefruits on the reservoir.

24 July - Saturday 1500hrs.
Returned from coast to find two grapefruits on portable stereo in kitchen, and the oven on! Two weeks later on it happened again, when I needed the oven. It seems unlikely I left it on, but not ruled out. However...

25 July - Sunday 1100hrs.
I had gone for a run, and my partner went to clean up the glass from the painting that had fallen a day before. She found the painting with the pieces of glass rearranged to their original places, a dustpan and the mess was partially cleaned up. The candle stick parts were arranged to form a face - non smiling/winking - on the glass.
Flowers in vase had been taken from bedroom and put onto mantlepiece underneath where the painting used to be.

25 July - Sunday 1600hrs.
PArtner and I returned from shopping, and found the stove turned on which there was a saucepan of fresh prawns in a bag.

26 July - Monday
Partner returned from work to find shit spread on toilet seat cover, and an un-spread bit on flush button. Suka the dog was locked in lounge at the time. We had an earlier incident a week or two before when we found a piece of shit on the couch - believed to have been from a visiting dog, but deemed impossible as the dog had not spend more then 20 supervised seconds in the lounge, and not on couch! There was also shit found on carpet.

A certain 'C.G.' has been trying to call me for the entire month. No idea who this could be. Leaves no name or number, has spoken to my partner, but when I was home, he hung up before I got to the phone. Is there a connection?

Suka has been getting large bones from somewhere during the same period. Is somone trying to get Suka on their side? At least two animal skulls have appeared in the yard over the past two months, slowly breaking up into pieces. Suka shows little to no interest in them.

27 July - Tuesday
A fresh bone appeared in the garden. Also a half decomposed animal (sheep/dog) was found in the backyard! A leather mobile telephone pouch was found hanging in the tree above it. That had been lying around the yard for a while too.

My partner noticed one of the many cat statues on the mantlepiece was turned to face the wall. Another new ventolin puffer has disappeared from the lounge/house!

28 July - 0200hrs. Wednesday
The marble pestle from the kitchen cupboard fell out of the air onto my nose accompanied with two grapefruits on my partner when I was asleep in bed. The pestle did not exactly make a soft landing, but miraculously did not hurt me. When the light was turned on I found Suka on the bed vast asleep. The battery operated travel-alarm clock was on exactly midnight. As I went to bed past midnight I checked my watch. It was 2am. I adjusted the clock. The odd thing was that the clock could only be turned forward in time and thus must have been turned 10 hours clockwise. How could Suka and my partner not wake up for this to happen?

29 July - 0900hrs. Thursday
The alarm did not go off at 7am in the morning. No possible explanation was found, I checked the clock, turned the alarm time to current time to ensure it was not broken....
I got up and before going to work removed the disintegrated sheep bits found in our yard. It fell to bits as I tried to move it, but got the remains in two plastic shopping bags and into the garbage bin, placed on the street for collection - hope they come quick!

29 July - 1100hrs. Thursday
My partner calls me up at work, was frightened by Suka. While she was putting a turkey leg in the oven Suka SPOKE, and said: 'What a beatiful turkey that is, how come I don't eat like that?' - in a male's voice (not bad for a desexed female). Scared of a voice she turned around and watched the dog speak! When she asked Suka what she'd just said Suka yelped. When my partner spoke to me Suka was growling and barking, rolling on the ground as if playing with someone. After she hung up Suka started growling and showing her teeth at her, and followed her around the house. My partner called me up to report again. Scared Suka might attack her, not wanting to stay, not wanting to go, not knowing wether or not to take Suka with her if she did go, and where?

After Suka was put outside the gate was found opened, something Suka is incapable of. Although she is great at escaping, she cannot open the tricky/broken gate!

The Lock Doctor was going to change locks this morning.

After lunch Suka scratched on the door. Rachel looked from her window and shook her head. Suka said 'Let me in!'! When my partner came to the door Suka repeated the words, said 'Don't be afraid, let me in, I want to ask you something'. Suka forced her head through the door and got in. 'When is daddy coming home?'. My partner called me, thinking of getting rid of Suka, if somehow Suka causes all this!

Suka spoke more during the day, growled at my partner, told her she was not nice and that she was going to go away with 'daddy' (she'd 'put her mark on daddy'!). Very strange.

5 August 1993 - 12:30pm
C.G. called again while I was home. My partner answered, got me, and as soon as I got to the phone it was broken off again!

5 August 1993 - 10pm
Suka had run off and I went to look for her on foot. Later on I got the car and my partner and I went driving through the streets. Suka was at this stage regularly running away. When I got in the car a little birdseye mirror that was glued on the outside mirror was still there, but after locking up the house I found the little mirror on top of the glove box inside the car.

6 August 1993 - 10am
'C.G.' called, spoke to my partner, and said not to bother calling me because he would hang up anyway. He also said not to worry about tracing the calls because: "they were made from right here! Tell Walter that I'll see him in Hell. This is my last call."

When I was in for lunch about noon the phone went, I answered. It sounded like a 10 second high pitched tone, followed by a hung up signal.

6 August 1993 - 2pm?
As I retreated to my office my partner had a look through the Gs in the phone book, looking for a C.G. Promptly the phone rang. It was C.G. to tell her not to bother looking for it because he is not in it! CG also asked to remind me about November 1987. I checked my passport, and recalled that that was roughly during the period of my Carribean Cruise, or just before, at Brent Reynold's place in Virginia, USA. Prior to me going to hitching to Maureen in the Arctic.

I went inside the house to ask 'CG' if he could call me. No response.

Less then 30 minutes later Rachel came in to tell me that CG called. He said "The white wolf walks under the blood moon and the cat treads softly behind. Hahahaha remember '87!". As it happened that was the time I would have been staying with Brent in hunting territory. one day we wentg out with a rifle into the woods as it was hunting season (the blood moon?). Brent and I had a curious kitten that followed us into the woods unbeknown to us for several kilometers (and the cat treads softly behind)! We also had a large white dog called Shester in the yard - not unlike a white wolf!

6 August 1993 - 1630hrs.
My partner washed Suka in the bath. Afterwards went into the lounge and found a mandarine on the phone! She stuck the purple ribbon, from old flowers around Sukas neck.

In the bedroom soon after she found lots of my pills on one of the bed pillows. Arranged in the shape of eyes and smile! For each event I was called from my office in the shed. While admiring the pill smile I heard Suka bark from the lounge. Just the one strong bark. I went to her rescue and found Suka with now the green ribbon on, only done up intricately.

As I wondered around the house, Suka followed my partner who called me again. Agahst she told me that Suka came up to her, got into her talking stance (sitting at attention, looking at her), and told her she was a 'fucking bitch'! I took Suka with me into the shed. Suka acted pretty strange, shrieked and howled and did not want to stay in the shed. I offered her to go outside, where she did nothing, then came in satisfied.

6 August 1993 - 6pm

I had a big argument with my partner, she hit me as I left the house. When she went inside Suka said:'Isn't it good how I can get into people's heads!'....

7 August?

8 August 1993
Suka the dog told my partner she was going to kill her!

The bone mystery was solved a few days ago. Suka apparently breaks into a neighbours yard to visit a German Shephard friend who's owner buys lots of large bones for it. He wondered what happened to them. He tied a long string to one and discovered it pointing towards the gate with Suka on the end!

My pills moved onto coffee table

thu 16/9/93 14:02 Message on pager: CG 2488147 (our home ph.) regarding business for sale... My business was for sale as it happened.


A year or so later I drove to Sydney with a Glen, a good mate, to do the annual City to Surf run. We also took a friend's friend Jeff from Brisbane who needed a lift. This person did not know me from a bar of soap. The conversation led into the ghost problem, and we told him about it. Jeff told us he was very impressed and almost scared from a clairvoyant he had met in Brisbane by chance.

A few months later Glen had got in touch with Jeff to ask about the clairvoyant as he figured he needed a consultation. The lady told him all sorts of amazing facts about himself and what to do, including that she had heard from Jeff about the ghost story. She consulted with her colleague and decided that the ghost person would call them...

Glen had spoken to the clairvoyant lady for almost an hour and was blown away by her. He callled me at work and told me to give her a call as she was expecting a call from me. I figured she was interested in the ghost story.

When I called her the lady was full of concern for me. She told me that ghosts and spirits are everywhere, but they are attracted to negative energy. They do not manifest themselves unless there is lots of negative energy.

The clairvoyant did not want to know about the ghost things. She wanted to warn me about my partner, and was serious about it. She told me that I had to leave her, do not speak to her, do not contact her, nothing. If I did she would wriggle herself back into my life...

All very odd...

One other thing the clairvoyant told me... She asked me if by the way I knew someone with a large roundish green car. No, I knew of no one. Well, she said, if you do think of someone call them immediatewly and tell them there is a very serious brake problem with it that needs very urgent attention as it is life threatening. I shrugged my shoulders and thought no more of it.

That day I drove off in my metalic grey ZF Fairlane (see that kind of car pictured below) and 'snap' I lost my automatic transmission lever. A cable had broken. I got it towed to my friendly mechanic who fixed it for me. A day later or so I went to pick it up and it was still on the hoist. With the interest of a young new driver I asked to have a look underneath the car. The mechanic pointed out the various features, parts and other bits and pieces when suddenly his face went white. OMG he said, look at that! He pointed at a thick cable near the springs that was had a very large rubbing on it. That is your hydraulkic brake line. If that rubs another day it will blow out, you loose your power brakes and with this vehicle (...and the way you drive) you will run off the road or into someone. I cannot let you leave now, I need to fix this urgently!

My next question was; 'So what colour was this car before it was resprayed? He took me to one of the doors and pointed out the original colour still visible on a small edge; 'Jewel Green', traditional and classy!

Zf Fairlane

A few days later I drove the car (once named 'Tight Budget' when it was entered into the Summernats by the previous owner who did the car up completely and converted it to drive on LPG fuel). I could not believe I had a large green roundish car...

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Tassie Devil!

Ghost pictures taken from

just to add atmosphere
to this article!

Dave Scanlan at the
Hampshire Ghost Club

says this is probably a fake.


Lady Dorothy Townshend


None of the above pictures relate to my experience... I don't even have a photo of the house! I do however remember the address!