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This is the list of stories that can be found on this website. I hope you can find what you came to read!

Manilla, just passing  Click to Read
It was just on 4am and the ‘connecting’ flight to Papua New Guinea was not till 11pm. It was time to do something relaxing...

PNG Plane Crash  Click to Read
I happened to be at work, 5 minutes walk from the little airport when a plane made a bad landing. As the passengers came off the plane I wondered up and took some photos.

Subotica - Former Yugoslavia  Click to Read
The train from Budapest to Yugoslavia was long, quiet and gray. It was comfortable, especially because I was the only one in the wagon.

Gaol in Thessaloniki  Click to Read
I walked the perimeter of the wall and was suddenly apprehended by a greek military man carrying a large gun. Had WWIII broken out?

Duped in Belgrado  Click to Read
The hotel seemed nice enough, and the man sharing my room seemed a good man. He spoke with as broad New York accent (as if I would know, I had never been to NY, but it is what I imagined it to be!),...

My smart dog Shady:  Click to Read 
Shady was a very special dog. My first very own dog! This is an old story, and has not been proofread lately. But if you like dogs you'll like this story.

Living with a Ghost :  Click to Read 
One time in my life I lived with a 'ghost'. My girlfriend at the time nor myself drank, smoked or took any sort of social/anti-social drugs! Most people are not convinced, but I swearI am still convinced of it!

Holland to Russia on the Cheap:  Click to Read 
Problem with one-way tickets to Europe is they don't get you back to Australia. Read how this dilemma was solved by heading for Russia. This is the story of Walter, Martin and brent making their way to Russia.

My Past:  Click to Read 
I do have a past yes.... I was born in Holland in 1965 at the early age of exactly 0 years old. I was always a sickly child with a diarrhea. All the childhood diseases you could imagine I probably had at least once.

Cycling the Tasmania Trail:  Click to Read 
‘t Was the week before Christmas when we took the bicycles out of storage, and decided to start the Tasmanian Trail....

The Overland Cough:  Click to Read 
Unless you were doing the popular Overland trail in Tasmania December 2003 you haven’t heard the last cough. The Overland Trail is an incredibly popular 80km+ hike through Tasmanian World Heritage mountains.

Cycling Maria Island:  Click to Read 
We left the car at the Triabunna campground and took our loaded bikes onto the ferry. At this point we got the pronunciation right: MOW-RAI-AH Island.

Canberra to Kosciuszko:  Click to Read 
Imagine cycling to the Snowy Mountains all the way from Canberra.

From Rags to Gulag with topDeck Tours:  Click to Read 
The plan was simple. With the money I got from selling my trusty Datsun 120Y ($3200!) I was to buy a one-way ticket to Europe ($700), travel around a bit for 3 months ($1500), then go on a 6 week Top Deck bus tour ($1000)

All in a Heartbeat  Click to Read 
Wow, new incentive for exercise. First we got the GPS to get me out and about, but now we got me running with a heart rate monitor!

The Eukanuba Affair  Click to Read
I checked with the Qantas counter staff if dried dog-food would be allowed through Australian quarantine. They said that since it was dried meat, not fresh, and in a sealed bag it should be no problem.

One World Annoyances  Click to Read
I returned from a short USA trip recently and thought I'd tell you about some annoyances on this trip!

Settling in Tasmania  Click to Read
We had packed up the trailer and headed south, from one extreme (the hot tropics) to the other (semi-Antarctic Tasmania). The Pintara belted along, and without too much delay we found ourselves

Settling in Tasmania II  Click to Read
We responded to a bunch of advertisements and consequently received a number of reject letters. Some emails went into thin air, no idea if they actually get to the prospective employer or not.

Doomed in Goroka  Click to Read
Another morning dawns on us in Goroka. Usual warm weather, and usual sun up at 6am. Saw it come up cause I was already coughing my guts out before dawn.

Car Trouble in PNG  Click to Read
The 300 kilometer long Highlands highway is a dangerous one, and car trouble is something that can cost you your life/car.

Aussie Travellers Advive for Hawaii  Click to Read
Hawaii is a chunk of paradise. No doubt about it. It is all there. Just a few words of advice for Aussie travelers.

Katherine's colleague Annie has a daughter Georgie (pictured above). Georgie had a friend visiting from down South, and Katherine and I were going to entertain them for a day.  Full Story 

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