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All in a heartbeat!

Wow, new incentive for exercise. First we got the GPS to get me out and about, but now we got me running! I used to run a lot in the past... Just these days cycling seems so much easier.

Well, mate David mailed me his old Polar exercise watch. It looks brand new to me, and it works a charm. Downloaded the manual from PolarUSA and I had a running start! It tells me what my target heart rate is meant to be when exercising, and beeps at me if I push it too hard or slack off too much.

It recalculates this magical zone everytime you go for exercise if you want it to, which seems logical as it gives you a nice start. The procedure is to start slow and gradually increase effort over 5 minutes. It kicks into exercise mode when it has calculated your zone. Of course I wanted to see if it found the same zone everytime, and miraculously it was exactly the same for running each time I did it, and that is different from what it tells me when I ride the bike:

Running it wants me to stay between 117 and 153 beats per minute, but when cycling it wants me to stay between 131 and 153. Ideally you exercise within that zone for 30 minutes minimum. That seems to be fine for me, all my rides/runs are over 30 minutes.

Interesting how my heartbeat sometimes went over the max. when just walking up a hill! Maybe I should take heed, and avoid a heart attack! That's all I need now!

I noticed one day when I went to pick up Katherine from the hospital I rode out, had an average heartbeat of 133bps and averaged 21+kphr on the silver route below. Then I had 2 beers and turned back, heart rate average increased to 136bps and my average speed was 18kmph (down river road). There are some marginal hills, but maximum vertical difference is maybe 60 meters (left top of route is 60m. above sea level).

Anyway, probably shouldn't drink during exercise.

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