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Why Tasmania

Well, we had both been to Tasmania before in our deep dark pasts, and both thought it was very nice... We wanted to move somewhere with four seasons and lots of nature around us. We disliked cities.

After we married in the USA we packed up our bags and flew to Canberra. Canberra was comfortable for me as I had friends there and family, and it was a great place for Katherine to await her visa - or so we thought. Katherine did not like Canberra too much, and we wanted to move somewhere where we could setup a Bed and Breakfast place and live romantically in the country. It was Cairns or Tasmania somewhere. Cairns we thought had more International tourist pull in case we wanted to do a B&B.

Whilst in Canberra I applied for jobs. Many had my name written on it, and some were so much 'me' and the ads would read 'wanted for immediate start... 10 people who are called Walter, preferably from Dutch background and in late thirties. A science degree in Mathematics and.... I got nowhere with any of them! I later learned this was because I had no job-search number since I was not officially registered as unemployed with Centrelink. Since it is illegal for agencies to do this they all deny it, but I have experienced this first hand in Cairns, Canberra and Tasmania.

When we arrived in Cairns we were able to stay with good friends for a while till we got settled. That weekend we found a new job managing luxury self contained accommodation. The trick was that it was brand new, and not yet open... We were to be the new on-site managers at The Beachfront Hideaway.

The job included everything from gardening, marketing, cleaning,... We learned that owning luxury units was not necessarily a gold mine and definitely a lot of work. In the year to come I made a business plan for our proposed B&B&B (bed and Breakfast and Beer - as in homebrew) and decided that it would only complement a lifestyle, not pay for it. Living on-site in Holloways Beach was nice!

We both had extra jobs, Katherine doing catering at some of the best venues in Far North Queensland catering for huge private parties.. I worked as a tourguide once a week or so, driving tourists to the Daintree and the Tablelands in little 4WD busses. After a year we also knew that Katherine suffered in the heat, and we decided to move to Tassie! We certainly had a good time in Cairns, and as fringe benefits of our job we got to do many fun things in Cairns for either agent rates or FOB (Free On Board). We also had lots of friends and family come and enjoy the attractions with us!

And so the day came that we packed our trailer and belongings and headed South to Tassie!


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